“兄弟,这样的话答案太多了不信你看CPP C Plus Plus CPP 3,3-(2 Carboxypiperazine-4-yl)-Propyl-1-Phosphonate (NMDA receptor antagonist) CPP C Preprocessor CPP Cable Patch Panel CPP Cal Poly Pomona (a California State university in Pomona, California) CPP California Plant Protection CPP Calling Party Pays (Cellular) CPP Cambodian Peoples Party CPP Camouflage Pattern Printing CPP Canada Pension Plan CPP Canadian Public Policy CPP Capital Purchase Program CPP Carcinogenic Potency Project CPP Card Protection Plan CPP Card Punching Printer CPP Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Physiology CPP Career Pilot Program CPP Career Planning Program CPP Career Preparation Program CPP Carefree Personal Protection CPP Caribbean Policy Project CPP Casein Phosphopeptides CPP Casted Polypropylene CPP Celebrity Protection Program CPP Cell Physiology and Pharmacology CPP Center for Photographic Projects CPP Center for Public Policy CPP Central Precocious Puberty CPP Centralized Protection Policy (Cisco) CPP Centre for Public Participation CPP Centre Professionnel de Porrentruy (Switzerland) CPP Cerebral Perfusion Pressure CPP Certain Places Pay CPP Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product CPP Certification Program Plan CPP Certified Packaging Professional CPP Certified Payroll Professional CPP Certified Point-Of-Purchase Professional CPP Certified Prevention Professional CPP Certified Pricing Program CPP Certified Professional Photographer CPP Certified Professional Purchaser (Purchasing Management Association of Canada) CPP Certified Program Planner CPP Certified Protection Professional (American Society for Industrial Security) CPP Characters Per Page CPP Characters Per Pica CPP Chemical Production Process CPP Chicken Pot Pie (band) CPP Chinese Philosophy Page CPP Chinese Postman Problem CPP Choroid Plexus Papilloma CPP Chronic Pelvic Pain CPP Circuit Pack Power (Lucent) CPP Citrus Pulp Pellet CPP Civilian Personnel Pamphlet/Policy CPP Claimant Program Proposal CPP Clean Petroleum Product CPP Cloud Photopolarimeter CPP Coalition for Progress Party (Sierra Leone) CPP Coarse Production Planning CPP Codice di Procedura Penale (Italian legislation) CPP Código de Processo Penal (Brazilian Code of Criminal Procedure) CPP Collaboration Protocol Profile (ebXML) CPP College of Public Programs CPP College Partnership Program CPP Color Picker Pro CPP Columbus Pro Percussion, Inc CPP Combinet Proprietary Protocol (Cisco) CPP Comité de la Prévention et de la Précaution CPP Command Post Platform CPP Commercial Package Policy (insurance) CPP Communications Protocol Processor CPP Communist Party of the Philippines CPP Competitive Placement Plan CPP Competitive Pricing Plan CPP Compiler Preprocessor CPP Complete Price Protection CPP Complex Privatization Plan CPP Compliance Policy & Planning CPP Comprehensive Performance Partnership CPP Comprehensive Personality Profile CPP Computational Particle Physics CPP Computational Physics Project (College of Wooster) CPP Computer Platform Planning (Sprint) CPP Computer Program Package CPP Computer Purchase Program CPP Concept Position Papers CPP Concrete Power Pole CPP Configurable Port Processor CPP Constrained Production Planning (supply chain management) CPP Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc. CPP Content Protection Parity (EMC) CPP Continuing Planning Process CPP Controllable Pitch Propeller CPP Convention People’s Party (Ghana) CPP Coolant Pumping Power CPP Cooperative Purchasing Program CPP Copyproof Positive Paper CPP Core Python Programming CPP Corporate Partner Privacy CPP Cost Per Page (printers) CPP Cost Per Point CPP Creating Profitable Partnerships (UK) CPP Creative Parallel Processing CPP Crime Prevention Program (California) CPP Critical Process Parameter CPP Crop Protection Programme (UK) CPP Crumpler Plastic Pipe Inc. CPP Cuba Poster Project CPP Cure Parkinson’s Project CPP Current Purchasing Power CPP Currently Permitted Program CPP Customer Preview Program (Microsoft beta testing) 行业不一样,翻译觉得不一样计算机里边就是CPP C Plus Plus 航海里边就是CPP Controllable Pitch Propeller 可变螺距桨其他,兄弟你自己看吧”

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